Christina Bömer

Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron DESY
Notkestrasse 85 (building 61 – room O1.103)
22607 Hamburg

Postdoctoral Researcher

My main research interest is focused on nonlinear conversion phenomena in the x-ray regime. More precisely, how nonlinear effects can be used to obtain additional information about the structure and dynamics of matter. My project aims to merge two complementary tools, namely optical laser-spectroscopy and x-ray diffractive imaging. Each in itself does not suffice to visualize the valence electrons, yet their nonlinear combination by x-ray optical wave mixing does. Being an experimentalist by nature, I design experimental setups to detect nonlinear, low conversion rate effects in the x-ray regime based on specialized x-ray optics crystals. Developing new methods, which combine spectral selectivity and atomic-scale resolution, I aim to gain unprecedented insights into the microcosm of functional materials.

Academic Career

Since 2020
Postdoctoral researcher at FS-TUXS of the DESY Photon Science Division, Hamburg, Germany
2015 - 2020
Ph.D. in Physics at the Universität Hamburg and the European XFEL
2013 - 2015
M.Sc. of Physics, Ludwig-Maximilians Universität München
Master Thesis: ‘Optical Diagnostics of High Intensity Laser Plasma Interactions’
2009 - 2013
Bachelor- and Master studies of Physics, Georg-August-Universität Göttingen
Bachelor Thesis: ‘Time-resolved X-ray Diffraction on Lipid Bilayers excited by Surface Acoustic Waves’
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